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Meet Dana



When I started work with Dana (a former local politician, accomplished educator, and avid golfer), she was approaching retirement age, yet still had to work full time as a public school teacher to cover basic living expenses and her high end “hole in one” hobby. Smile.


After I worked with her on endgame visioning, downsizing, and re-positioning her assets, SHE IS NOW:
  • Running a successful Bed & Breakfast,
  • Retired from her “day job” with a healthy pension, and
  • Feels empowered and excited everyday 
The Scoop: She has more than enough to live, retired early, and is traveling the world with friends (most recently she was in Las Vegas, Nevada and Paris, France) and her handicap is getting lower by the day. Double smile.

Meet Marcus

When I met Marcus (a fellow Harvard alum, technophile, and talented urban planner), he was unhappily working in the city planning department in Los Angeles and contemplating a relocation to New York City for love and a career change, but he wasn’t sure about how to make the transition. 


Within a few months of our work together, he reframed his professional narrative, gained exposure to the right people, which set the stage for a 360 professional journey, HE NOW HAS:

  • Secured a high flying role as a UX Project Manager, 
  • Increased his annual income, 
  • Gained recognition as a maverick, thought leader in the urban planning industry, and
  • BONUS: Found “true” love in our nation’s capital.

The Scoop: From L.A. to NYC, and finally to Washington D.C., it turns out he not only got a life changing career transformation, but also a fabulous change of scenery.

Meet Gustavo

When I engaged with Gustavo (award winning film director, successful entrepreneur, and closet sci-fi writer), he felt type-casted, stifled by the expectations of his existing audience, and overflowing with unconventional creative project ideas. 


Our collaboration over 12 months, enabled him to strategically unleash and commercialize his “full” creative vision, diversify his brand, and develop a sustainable revenue base. HE NOW:

  • Is the proud owner of a global publishing company,
  • Has name recognition in a fast growing market,
  • Sells through two major distribution channels, and
  • Gets barrels of fanmail from a large and loyal base of “warlock and zombie lovers” around the world

The Scoop: The journey from RomCom movies to sci-fi novels has more than a few perks, not the least of which is V.I.P status at ComiCon in every major city.

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