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Meet Linda

A talented executive of a $100M a year global business consultancy who is working on writing a New York Times best-selling creative non-fiction novel - believe me when I say her story is a nail biter!


Meet Yasmina

A precocious and accomplished grad from NYU's Stern School of Business who since earning her degree is working to scale her business, educating corporations on how to recruit, engage, and retain millennials in the workforce - did I mention that she is a millennial, too, tellin' em like it is!

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Meet Harry

A creative maven who is taking his creativity to the street by building a digital first, film school, focused on training next generation talent from across America and the African Diaspora - coming to a YouTube channel near you!

Meet Dana

An accomplished educator who is looking to make earned income investments that allow her to retire early and travel while improving her golf swing - she is all about creating her own magical silver lining.

Meet Marcus

A Harvard trained, urban planner ready for a new professional challenge and willing to start over in a new city and a new industry to make it happen - he is on the move and there is literally no stopping him now.


Meet Gustavo

An award winning film director who is determined to make the transition from Romantic Comedy to Sci-Fi - he does not enjoy labels so he is thinking way out of Hollywood's box. 

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