You Are My Tribe

Letter to Family & Friends,

Thank you for all of the love, laughter, and joy that you manifest in my life every day and for celebrating my birthday earlier this month.

I am lucky beyond measure to know and to have experienced your beauty, many gifts, and ever evolving stories. From the caring phone calls, and Facebook shout outs, to grateful emails, encouraging text messages, and life strategy sessions, you are a positive, enduring force in my life.


As I approach my fabulous Kibi 4.0 phase of life, I am excited to share my story with you. Drum roll... Over the past few years, I have been working with some amazing people to shape their vision, help them achieve goals, and enjoy “living their best life”.

I am truly excited to make it official by sharing this passion, special talent, and the unbelievable results we have achieved together, in hopes of initiating a different conversation and establishing a new connection point with each of you in my fabulous tribe.

My portfolio includes a group of successful, yet still aspiring souls (sound familiar?) who have navigated major life, business, and/or career transitions and are now killin’ it professionally and creatively.

Our strategic “think and do” work together helped them go from feeling confused, overwhelmed, or stuck, to accomplishing major creative and professional goals that have delivered truly game changing financial and life returns for them. 


  • Send me some love, it just got real! All good vibes welcome – send emails, pics, texts, Facebook shoutouts. I just enrolled my first, official “Your Life Editor” member today!!



  • Share this post with anyone you think could benefit from the inspiration and support. I’d love to hear their story and make a new connection!



I look forward to sharing and celebrating more of my portfolio of transformational “Your Life Editor” stories and lessons with you in the weeks and months to come.

Stay beautiful. Stay blessed. Stay tuned.




Kibi Anderson  

Life Editor-in-Chief