My microGift to you is....

Every day Guild Members are taking concrete micro actions that move them one step closer to reaching their BHAG, and by incorporating my Life Editor system they are doing it at lightning speed. (click here to learn more and join the Guild now!)

Here are a few recent wins that my client have enjoyed over the past two (2) weeks:

  • After reconnecting and drawing inspiration from a coffee date with another successful, local millennial entrepreneur:
    • Submitted a consulting proposal to Unilever focused on helping them re-think their millennial talent acquisition and talent management strategy.
    • Received the nod from another corporate partner on a training contract that will increase her annual income by $15,000.
    • Invited to deliver an innovative “career planning” session for incoming freshman at Chattanoogna State Community College
  • After reading two (2) highly acclaimed novels for writing inspiration:
    • Sent letter to best-selling author and admired thought leader (Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie), inviting her to join her BHAG Editorial Board to serve as a creative advisor.
    • Completed the 1st draft of the plot structure for her book.

My guild members are rocking and rolling towards making their big hairy audacious goals come true. 

The beauty of their progress is that they are doing it while still maintaining other daily responsibilities like work and taking care of family as well as setting aside purposeful time to reward themselves for a job well done.  

So what dream or goal are you percolating on right now?

I am so eager to see you get started and would love to help you put together a plan of action and execute. Click here to sign up for your free consultation.

For those of you who still aren’t ready to join the Life Editing Guild and want to "try this @ home," I have some insight to share about a powerful system that you can use to get going.  There are 4 microSTEPS in my Life Editing “macroSUCCESS” system.

microINSPIRATION + microACTION + microSHARE + microREWARD=

macroSUCCESS cycle

Then Repeat.

I work with Guild members to ramp up and make the kind of fast and fun progress that I referenced above using this macroSUCCESS cycle. It is simple and designed to virtuously cycle and repeat.

It is my “micro” gift to all of you. In this update, I will explain the first step in this virtuous macroSUCCESS cycle: the concept of the microINSPIRATION.

microINSPIRATION - You have a dream and that's what got you started on your Life Editing journey. How your dream will manifest itself in the end is still anyone's guess. So it helps to sprinkle in ideas from the universe - typically by visiting, perusing, and experiencing the work of others who are doing it and/or have done it.

So once you "dream the impossible dream", go out and find and experience someone who has done it. Whether it is about going to a new gallery opening to check out an exhibit by an up and comer like you, window shopping @ a competitor's store, reading or watching something within your target genre, or just going to hear and learn from others who are experts in the field. There is nothing like a living, breathing example to bring and keep it all in focus.

Just a few weeks ago, I attended a women’s lifestyle summit that two badass sisters who are branding and life coach experts gave in New York. Their movement is called The Great Girlfriends and they host an awesome weekly podcast that is chalk full of helpful advice and tips on how to edit your life!! It was top-notch and gave me some great ideas for upcoming Life Edit Guild events.

More importantly, I saw how within reach that element of my Life Edit vision is. It is all about smart curation, community building, and sponsors. No fear - bring it on! And I'll keep plugging into inspiring experiences like that one to keep my BHAG fresh and actionable.

So the question for you now is what type of inspiration are you plugging into to get your creative and entrepreneurial juices flowing.

If you aren’t sure how to start turning your vision into reality, seek out others who are doing it and soak up as many ideas and connections as you can!

If you want to talk it out, that is what I’m here for. Please send me an email or click here to sign up for a free consultation.

Whether you do it now or later, just remember the energy you expend everyday thinking about or feeling guilty about not making enough progress on your BHAG can be used to experience a microINSPIRATION and begin your macroSUCCESS cycle.

One thing is for sure, you will be hearing from me again soon. Stay tuned for my next update in which I will share the next microSTEP in my macroSUCCESS cycle – the microACTION.

Until soon, ready, set, edit…


Kibi Anderson

Life Editor-In-Chief

How I'm Editing My Own Life!

It's been 4 weeks since I launched my Life Editor business and the results I have witnessed and personally experienced are truly extraordinary and humbling!

Here are just a few to whet your appetite:

  • Week 1: Stood up an amazing website and got tons of positive feedback, social shares, and kudos from friends around the world in 36 hours 
  • Week 2: Secured 2 new clients and 10 referrals from friends within 7 days 
  • Week 3: Increased my annual income with new Life Editor Guild memberships by $10,000 within 12 days (click here to learn more and join the Guild now!)
  • Week 4: Consulted with and completed several "think and do" coaching sessions with 3 talented professionals who are pursuing amazing BHAGs, including:


A talented executive of a $100M a year global business consultancy who is working on writing a New York Times best-selling creative non-fiction novel - believe me when I say her story is a nail biter!


A precocious and accomplished MBA from NYU's Stern School of Business who since graduating is working to scale her business educating corporations on how to recruit, engage, and retain millennials in the workforce - did I mention that she is a millennial, too, tellin' em like it is!


A creative maven who is taking his creativity to the street by building a digital first, film school, focused on training next generation talent from across America and the African Diaspora - his most recent cohort of students kicked off this summer and they are already on their way to producing the summer’s next block buster films.  

Sounds like a lot, doesn't it? Take a breadth. Feels like a lot when I think about it too. I'll let you in on a little secret, though. That was the cliff notes version of the magic Guild Members have dropped over the last 4 weeks. I can't begin to capture it all in one post.

Stay tuned, I'll share more soon…

If you feel like you have been running hard and fast, too, making steady progress on your BHAG that you are proud of and still having fun, take a bow. Big up - that's huge!

For those who are getting BIG HAIRY AUDACIOUS GOALS (BHAG) work done, but not having much fun. Take a pause to avoid burnout. Before you go too far, remember that fun is all part of your life edit. When I say fun, I mean genuine, bend over, pull-a-muscle laughter and ear to ear smiles every day while you are moving your BHAG forward and juggling all of the other goodness and craziness in your life. Immediate, small gratification is a good thing. It gives you the time, headspace, and endorphins to go the distance. I’ll share more on the importance of intentionally infusing fun in your journey towards achieving goals in a later post when I talk about rewards and inspiration.

 If you haven't experienced any movement on your BHAG over the last 3 weeks since my launch, ping me and let's talk. Click here to sign up for your free consultation. We'll get you in the Life Editing Guild and on the fast, fun track!!  

 Whether you do it now or later, just remember the energy you expend everyday thinking about or feeling guilty about not making enough progress on your BHAG can be used to take action and begin the virtuous Life Editing cycle.

 One thing is for sure, you'll be hearing from me again soon. I'm starting new Life Editing conversations everyday and working with amazing people like you to make fast and fun progress on their BHAGs.

 Until next time, ready, set, edit…




Kibi Anderson

Life Editor-In-Chief


You Are My Tribe

Letter to Family & Friends,

Thank you for all of the love, laughter, and joy that you manifest in my life every day and for celebrating my birthday earlier this month.

I am lucky beyond measure to know and to have experienced your beauty, many gifts, and ever evolving stories. From the caring phone calls, and Facebook shout outs, to grateful emails, encouraging text messages, and life strategy sessions, you are a positive, enduring force in my life.


As I approach my fabulous Kibi 4.0 phase of life, I am excited to share my story with you. Drum roll... Over the past few years, I have been working with some amazing people to shape their vision, help them achieve goals, and enjoy “living their best life”.

I am truly excited to make it official by sharing this passion, special talent, and the unbelievable results we have achieved together, in hopes of initiating a different conversation and establishing a new connection point with each of you in my fabulous tribe.

My portfolio includes a group of successful, yet still aspiring souls (sound familiar?) who have navigated major life, business, and/or career transitions and are now killin’ it professionally and creatively.

Our strategic “think and do” work together helped them go from feeling confused, overwhelmed, or stuck, to accomplishing major creative and professional goals that have delivered truly game changing financial and life returns for them. 


  • Send me some love, it just got real! All good vibes welcome – send emails, pics, texts, Facebook shoutouts. I just enrolled my first, official “Your Life Editor” member today!!



  • Share this post with anyone you think could benefit from the inspiration and support. I’d love to hear their story and make a new connection!



I look forward to sharing and celebrating more of my portfolio of transformational “Your Life Editor” stories and lessons with you in the weeks and months to come.

Stay beautiful. Stay blessed. Stay tuned.




Kibi Anderson  

Life Editor-in-Chief